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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Meet our Key persons

Establishing and managing a successful organization depends on the good foundational board  and board members with clear responsibilities and commitment towards the community services.

All Tell MASA board members, emotionally and professionally, share the same goal to be committed to the protection, cooperation, support and equality of our society and community in every way possible.

The cultural heritage of all the members is the traditionally adhered to and due to being of the same origin, our social belief and religious rituals are also same because the eldest son of every Sanatani family used to be a Guru Sikh and used to sacrificing his life in the name of the country and religion. They never even bothered for the supreme sacrifice.

Today the same tradition and culture has been going on for hundreds of years. And,  Tell MASA, Tell MASA’s board members and Tell MASA’s volunteers, and members are passionately committed to carry on the same tradition.

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