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We Believe that We can support More people with you

Tell MASA is an organization that works for those sections of the society who are victimized by some mentally prejudiced people by hate crime or someone is being victimized and one is a witness to that criminal incident.

We are always ready for such victims and do all kinds of help, cooperation, advice, equally to them. We do service.

Do you find it interesting and would you like to get involved wholeheartedly in this kind of work?


Our fingerprints on the lives we touch never fade

Our fingerprints on the lives we touch never fade

Have any Question?

Have any Question?

Know more about Hate Crimes

The police will record any crime as a hate crime where the victim or any other person perceives it was motivated by hostility or prejudice towards their identity

Bullying is often a crime and can take many forms including violence, threats, abuse, and damage to property. Find out how to get help.

Get help immediately. Call 999 and report. Contact us for our free of cost support services.

Let the police know what you’ve seen. Don’t assume others will come forward. Many crucial witnesses walk away thinking someone else will report it.

Stay alert – awareness is your best defence. Leave venues with friends wherever possible. Try to stay in well-lit areas.