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Have any Question?

FAQ about Hate Crimes

The law recognises five types of hate crime on the basis of:

  • Race
  • Religion 
  • Disability
  • Sexual orientation 
  • Transgender identity

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Being a victim or a witness to a crime can often be difficult and you may not know very much about the criminal justice system. We treat all victims and witnesses with respect and understanding throughout the justice process.

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Get help immediately. Call 999 and you can report here on our website in report section or directly to the government.

You can also contact the national Citizen’s Advice Witness Service (03444 111 444) or the London Victim and Witness Service (0808 1689 111). These services can direct you to online or phone support regardless of whether you have reported the crime or not. 

If you wish to remain anonymous you can report a crime to Crimestoppers by phoning
0800 555 111
or by visiting

Third party reporting centres are safe, neutral locations within the community where people can report hate crime, domestic abuse and sexual assault incidents without having to contact the police directly.

Anybody can use this facility regardless of whether they are a victim, witness, or just someone who is aware of information that needs to be reported. You can report incidents at a third party reporting centre even if you do not want the police to investigate it.