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Hate Crime Victim Support

If you’ve experienced an act of violence or hostility or hatred because of who you are or someone thinks you are, you may have been the victim of a hate incident or hate crime. Hate incidents and hate crime happen because of prejudice or hostility based on a person’s disability, race, religion, sexual orientation or transgender identity.

The law considers hate incidents and hate crime to be particularly serious. This section explains what you can do if you’ve experienced, or know someone who has experienced, a hate incident or crime.

Tell MASA extends its counseling service to those who call Tell MASA and who have been victims of such hatred and intolerance.


We understand that it is sometimes difficult to go to the police about hate crime. If you are a victim of hate crime or know someone who is,  Tell MASA is always ready to assist, support, and serve victims of anti-religious hate. In addition to this, we provide psychological counseling, emotional support, legal sign-posting, advocacy, and support in the court appearance for hate-crime victims.

If you have information about people who commit hate crimes and do not want to talk to the police, you can contact Tell MASA anonymously. You do not have to give your name, you will never have to give a statement to police, or go to court.



Our supports:

Local police and our volunteers provide following services to victims and communities affected by hate crime.

  • Counselling
  • Legal Aide
  • Medical Facilities if required.
  • Financial Support to the family of the Victim in case of the only earning member
  • Support for the safety and security to the victim family if required.